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Thanks for the compliments.

Curly or fiddleback, all of the pictures that I've seen illustrate the same charistics. When I was planning the rifle I remembered a picture on an NRA calendar about 15-20 years ago of a schuetzen and always thought they had beautiful lines. I also recall pictures of Kentucky style fintlocks that had such terrific looking wood. This rifle is a blend of those recollections.

The was built in PA by a small company that specializes in 44 1/2's and the engraving was done by a master here in NC with about 40 years of experience and he recommended an outfit that did traditional color case hardening. I really like the results of their labors. I did not want the traditional Stevens case work because it would have clashed with the wood. Steven's hallmark was a stripped case coloring.

I do a little awfulhand (steel plates) but no in competition. I actually like shooting from a bench the most. The stock style is called a 'Junior Schuetzen' which accomodates both schuetzen and bench shooting, you just need to elevate the rest and modify your hold. The trigger is DST, without the set approx 6#, with the set ounces and quite adjustable.

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