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I was up bow hunting and my son ask me to bring the cva optima with me :I set the gun up for me but would like him to see if my set up will shoot for him.I loaded at the range loose powder triple 777 85 grains behind the remington 44 cal. I think 275 grain core-lock sabot/bullet (green sabot) and at the range @ they shot great.I did have to clean the bore after each shot the remington HP Bullets with the green sabot it is a tight fit but they group outstanding.
I set it up about 3" high at the 50 yard mark,gun will tack drive these bullets.The scope is a simmons pro hunter 6 straight power
I feel is more then enought for this M/L I myself feel the 29" barrel really makes the gun a tad to heavy.
Now: the triple 777 pellets I did for the first time try 2 pellets 50 grains each and all I have to say the loose 85 grains I feel has more punch then the 2 pellets at the 100 grain mark.I also did see the shot on paper were dead center at 80 yards so it did loose some height wit hthe 2 pellets.I re-adjusted the set up with the 2 pellets too shoot 2" high at 80 yards it should be right on at 125 yards.
I have to say this gun can shoot
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