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I'd take the Mtn Rifle and not look back!

Usually ignition trouble in those cva/drum types is fouling of some kind in the fire channel. If care is taken too really clean the drum and breech you won't have any trouble using #11 caps, I've gone to RWS Dynimite Nobels for all my shooting and eliminated 99% of dry fires. An added security thing for hunting, as mentioned by others, is too load as normal, then pull the nipple and trickle a little powder into the drum under the nipple. It's worth while to shoot at the range a few times if you do this as the extra powder can change your group.
I always use a new, clean, proven (aka; shot a few times) nipple for a serious big game hunt.

Another thing I've done to mine is; Take a dremel with a small grinding wheel and "face" the inside of the hammer cup so it strikes the nipple square. Get some inlet black, or some lip stick and cover the end of the nipple. Lower the hammer till it makes contact, The mark on the hammer cup should come away with the grinder until there is a full circle of the nipple top left on the face of the cup. Now the entire force of the hammer is delivered to the full surface of the cap and nipple. It's a big deal, when I checked mine the first time, it was just touching front, top side of the nipple.

Yes they make a Musket nipp that will fit, but you may have to bend the hammer to make it strike proper.

read this thread;,188421.0.html

p.s. that's my Mtn Rifle in the avatar.
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