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Sticking to a more affordable Scout project, I went with a CZ527 in 7.63x39 for the budget minded, and light weight that this rifle has to offer. Im looking for any input on what you guy think i might need for this project, or what i should change up.
Heres the YouTube video

Im trying to keep it as light and nimble as possible since i have back problems from an injury suffered a few years ago.
Pretty much a do all rifle.
Thank you.

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I never thought of the CZ527 in the "affordable" category of rifles. Nor, is the typical scout scope setup.
And not so sure a 7.62x39 is a big bore....
But nice to see a few shooting threads mixed in here on this outdoors forum.
And I really love the little "mini-mauser" 527 馃榿

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I have a CZ527 heavy barrel in .204 Ruger, and it is a fine rifle. Pictured second from the top. My go to coyote and chuck gun here in PA. For a scout rifle, where weight is a concern, I might look at an aftermarket synthetic stock to save a few ounces. I would also mount the scope first, then decide if a comb riser is needed, before I drilled the stock. The stock fit on mine is fine with a scope mounted, albeit with a receiver as opposed to barrel mount.

Not particularly cheap or light weight, they none the less are nice rifles with the advantage of a detachable magazine, and a sweet set trigger that breaks at under 1 lbs.



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