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Paper patched bullets for hunting

King--Your quick kill with paper patched bullets last year was not a fluke. I hunt with paper patch ammo most of the time. Paper patched ammo is, well, special, and it adds another dimension to the hunting experience.

I load a pure lead bullet. I have several molds for both 50 and 45 caliber. The 50 cal molds throw a bullet .485 in diameter, and my 45 caliber molds give a bullet that is .437 to .442, depending on the particular mold. I patch them up to BORE diameter, or about .002 over, and adjust the diameter of the bullet by using different thickness paper. I have had decent luck with any of the bond papers, as long as the diameter of the patched bullet was not too big. I patch them dry, and stick them in the case. I do not use any lube on the patch.

There is no problem shooting 30 or 40 shots without wiping. The trick is to not patch them too big, get a good burn and control the fouling, and seat the bullet so that it just barely kisses the leade in the rifling. Do this, and you can load and shoot. Get the vaseline out of your lube and off your patches, if you shoot black powder.

If you get your rifle working with paper patch, it should give 1 1/2 minute of angle. Killing power of paper patched bullets is outstanding, and in my opinion they are the ultimate hunting bullet. Shoot straight, rdnck

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