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Deep thoughts and different theorys, by Jim

With but limited experience with blackpowder I have also heard about the evil fouling genie .

Visiting here on this board and others on the internet I have also heard all sorts of ways to combat this fouling. Different lubes, different degrees of powder comression, FFG vs FFFG, bullet alloy, magnum, rifle and pistol primer, larger-smaller flashhole. all have been listed as controllers of the fouling. And for years there was the cry, Todays blackpowder isn't the same as what they had in the old days.

So now we do have a choice choices and what do we hear. It's too expensive.

Some of these new powders are reputed to be cleaner burning. So what does everyone do? The keep on shooting that nasty old GOEX and saving money. They will spend money and energy on cleaning but not on powder.

I'll continue shooting GOEX if it gives the best results. But I am going to try some other Brands and see if they will give better results. We have only just started in relearning this BPCR game.

At least that's my theory...
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