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Deer hunting with a Smoothbore

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I have a Indian Trade musket that I built about 10 years ago, and I have never used it to hunt with. Well Primitive Deer season starts soon, and I would like to use this gun.
I have several bullet sizes and some oversized minnies, but How much FF black powder should I use fot Deer hunting.
The Barrel is one of NORTHWEST TRADEGUNS, that was out of southern Ohio. and it is Flintlock.
I would ask Curly Gostomski He made the Barrel but He died.
Any suggestions? :-D
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Thanks TED. My 20 gauge mikes .590" .
I'm going to the range Sunday, I'll have to get some FF, I thought I had some but it is all FFF. Thats what I shoot in my .58 cal Dimrick. But it has a 1.125 acorss the flats.

Thanks agian. :D
I goofed

I goofed !! I built this gun 10 years ago, and forgot that I choked it with a collet. a .615 ball fits in the breach end, but the muzzel is .590. Oh well it should drop squirrels nicly. I patterned it at 25 yds. and it does a nice job.

Thanks for the input.

DLH :oops:
I belive the 28 ga takes .54 ball, and the 24 ga. takes a .58 ball. I don't know where you would get ball sizes for the other ones? Mabey Dixie Gunworks.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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