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Did you miss out on SOG's unissued MAS French 49/56??

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Here is your second chance to own this great rifle and its still affordable a Rearsenaled/unissued "new" MAS French Commando 49/56 in 7.5 french at Allens Armory around $300 and SOG(southern ohio gun) has the new commerical 7.5 french ammo $8.95 a box. Here's the gun and the ammo it doesn't get any better than this and this gun is an awesome buy when this runs out there gone never to be seen again and a must have for the serious collector/shooter. This is your last chance?? I have seen these guns in well used condition years ago for $350+ all beat up bad. BigBill

These are in the same new condition as the new chinese sks's were in years ago. Of course in the beginning nobody wanted sks's either now their in demand too.
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