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Die ajusting

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Back off the flare die so that your bullet will just start into the case, it is mostly to keep the case from shaving the bullet as its going in. As far as the other dies, they should be set pretty much the same for all brands. Your lee instructions should work fine. I do suggest you get a good load manuel before you go too far, most will have more complete instructions for the whole process. And a lot of loading tips you may not know about. Good luck, KN
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adjusting pistol die

Like KN said, flare just enough so that the bullet will start into the case. Best way I've found to do this is to flare a little, then take the case out and try to start a bullet in it by hand. If it looks like it won't quite start in, you need more flare. Once you find the right spot, lock the die in place and flare everything with that setting. It's a bit of trial and error, kind of like finding the right setting on your powder measure for the first time.
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