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dillon 450 and 550

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I've had an old single stage press and I'm looking to upgrade, probably to a Dillon, does anyone have any experience with either of these two dillon presses?
Any other suggestions on other manufacturers, I'll be reloading for handgun and rifle, strictly for hunting and plinking.

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I love my 550. The only problem I had was I wore out the primer cup spring (not Dillons fault, I just load enough to wear it out!!!! :eek: ) Dillion sent me new one at no charge :lol: . The 550 is also great if you are trying new loads because you can use it like a turret press and load one station at a time. I load all my handgun ammo on it. I don't shoot enough rifle to use it. I still use my Rock chucker for that. The Dillon customer service has been great. I have never used another machine so I can't compare. But then again I never had to use any other!!

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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