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I watched an interesting show on the History, Science, Myth Busters, o.k. I fergit what show it was.
But it was "Unmasking Billy the Kid".
Remember the infamous jail break where he supposedly shoots one gaurd with a double shotgun loaded with dimes?
T'aint so.
They hung up about a 100 pound butchered porker, sans guts, and let fly with a 10 gauge loaded with period kerrect silver dimes (for accurate weight) and at 25 FEET they BOUNCED OFF!.
So much fer the worth of 10 cents, even in the Kids day.
As a matter of comparison they shot same porker with a load of 00 buck at the same distance and the charge shreded porky into sausage.
Anyway the original coroners report says the gaurd was indeed whacked with 00 buck, NOT dimes.
Fer U histerical kerrect kranks :) , a 10 bore loaded with silver dimes was quite expensive being the equal 2 Two days wages back then.
Mighty expesnsive way to waste yer paycheck.
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