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Discountinued GPS units.

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Yesterday I visited a large gun store. This is a well equipped store and I have enjoyed doing business there over the years. It is not a big box store. But I did note that like the Big Box store it was selling some discontinued gps units at the manufactures recommended retain price.

In the case of one unit it had been discontinued more then two years ago. It is not a bad unit, but it is not worth more then the new units which offer a little bit more, and will have a longer lifecycle. Out of curiosity I went to e-bay and found a number of discontinued used and new units for sale. In some cases the starting price shown was the original manufactures price.

Magellan and Garmin show a list of their discontinue units. In March of 2005 Magellan drop a number of units. If the knowledgeable shopper is looking for a unit they may find a bargain or be in the position to bargain.

At times mapping software is also discontinued. It is worth checking.

While at Costco I found the USGS California Series software for less then $30.00. That is for a 12-CD set. A very good price. I am still blinking over that one. These are 1:24000 maps with good detail. I do not know if they are carrying that in other States.
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