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Do you use the same rifle for everything? Moose, Bear, deer?

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I have sevaral that are capable, just wondered if any of you actually do.
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One Rifle

I spent several years using just a 30-30 for deer and coyotes. I picked up a sportered 8x57 Turkish mauser this past summer and just before that I found a nice Winchester model 70 in .22-250. I now have the bases covered and expect to go bear hunting this spring. The .22-250 is a dream to shoot, now if I would just stop shooting over everything. It is hard to switch fron a 30-30 to something that shoots that fast. My instinct keeps telling me to hold over a coyote at 300 yards, which is not needed. The Mauser will put 3 170g Hornadys into 1" at 100 yards, and has taken it's first deer this last fall. I still have the Savage model 340 in 30-30, and plan to carry it when still hunting deer.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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