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Doc is still going strong and in fact, had an article with me in the last issue of the Sixgunner. Nearly a year ago, his house and most of the contents were destroyed in a fire. Some of the guns were salvaged by JD.

He is back into both the Encore and the Contender. The largest round being his Encore in .416 Taylor. He took this along with his .375/284 and the Ruger Super Redhawk in .454 when he and I went to South Africa for a two week safari. Being the Hitter he is, Doc has now moved into the larger revolers. His 7.5" Freedom Arms .475 Linebaugh has accounted for several deer and groundhogs. The story of how he came to own this revoler is in last month's article. I am sure I will receive more razzing when he gets to writing his Hitman article for this past year.

We are planning to organize a "Hunt with the Hitmen" weekend at Maark Hampton's Show-Me-Safari during the first part of October. Notices should start showing up in the Sixgunner after the first of the year.

Hope this answers your questions. The best thing to do would be to get your hands on a few back issues or resubscribe and his articles should be out in the next couple of issues.
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