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Dogless Traps

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I too have some dogless traps and I like them well enough. Two things concern me: a) I can't figure a good way to easily adjust the pan tension and still have a good crisp trigger. b) I've, on a couple of occasions taken a coyote oout of a trap and had to hunt for the pan; what happens if I can't find it one of these days? So Asa and the rest of you short of filing the notch deeper how do you put say 3 lbs pan tension on a dogless?
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The Oberto assemblies have an adjustment screw, its hard to explain without seeing one. The pan sets in another second assembly so the tension can be adjusted. Morse Oberto was one of the old time long line, year around bounty trappers that knew what was needed in a good coyote trap. Ace
Thats what I figured Rdfx you got to file, and then refile to set it a bit lighter. :cry: Asa, my traps must not be as old as yours...there is no screw. How about loaning me a couple dozen so I can see how they work. :D I'll send them back after the season I promise :wink:
Adjustment Screw

Montgomery didn't put the adjustment screw on the #3 dogless - only on the 1.5's. and #2's this is from Charles Dobbins in the book rdFx mentioned (Adjustment of Leg Hold Traps - for greater profit, pg.34).
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