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Dry Creek Bullet Works, Inc.

Please note our hand casting operation has ceased. My beautiful wife Barbara has driven 50 minutes each way to work over the past 5 years. This isn't what's considered a normal drive by most people's standards. It is in fact bad West Virginia road.

The decision was made to move closer to her work. We have purchased a home in town and will move from the beloved Dry Creek. I hate leaving here but even Mr. Keith moved to town.

Our Blaster Bullet Line will be available but our hand cast Keith's won't, at least for the time being. I will leave retirement and return to the work force full time. Depending on the hours of employment I may offer a few standard weight Keith's for sale now and then but all custom casting will cease.

To our customers we say, THANKS. We hope to fill a few orders but the full time work has ended for now. Our casting equipment will be moved to the new shop and prepared for future operations. Our time will be spent doing what one does when relocating. I hope to meet the obligations that come with purchasing a home within a 2 or 3 years time frame. We hope to keep Dry Creek Bullet Works alive in some form or another till we can once again produce hand cast Keith bullets.

We are selling our remaining stock of Keith bullets and hope to do "some" casting but it will be very little. Please make your needs known and we will try to do what we can as time permits. Thanks and God Bless.

Lynn & Barbara
Dry Creek
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