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wild boar. cube up either a roast or some pork steaks throw it in the crockpot with a cup a barbeque sause and a jar of spegetti sause and cook all day. (I throw them in before work) Serve over pasta.
venison. take a frozen hunk of backstrap cut into very thin slices fry in olive oil with fresh mushrooms (morels prefered) and onion serve on french bread with chese makes the best steak sub you ever had.
venison cube up some meat throw it in the crock pot with cream of mush soup and some mushrooms cook all day serve on mashed potates.
venison roast throw roast some carrots musrooms and a small chopped up onion in the crock pot with a pack of lipton dry onion soup mix and a cup a water cook all day.
Sorry for the lack of creativity but like I said Im a batchler and these meals are easy and tasty.
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