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Easy Dessert

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Ya'll give this a try before ya tell me I'm nuts.

Get the cheapest canned biscuits you can find, the cheaper the better, them high priced ones just don't tast the same.
Drop'em in 3"-4" hot oil, ie fish cooker, Fry Daddy or deep pan.
Takes 3-5 minutes, easy to tell when they're done.
Serve as is, with powdered sugar, honey, or jelly.

Butler Ford
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A month ago I'd have argued with you up one side and down the other that there was no such thing as a "fried biscuit" 'till I was served one a few weeks ago in a duck blind and boy was it ever fine. Mine was drizzled with some warm sorgham molasses. Making my mouth water just thinking about it. I couldn't wait to get back to work and fix some for breakfast at the station. Everyone looked at me like I was nuts till someone got brave and actually tried one. We ate every single one of 'em. Now everybody wants to know when I'm gonna cook 'em again. Try 'em, you will like 'em.

Frog :D
frog, I see we're neighbors! We'll have to get together sometime, break out the RoadKill CookBooK and compare notes!
I had the same feelings about the biscuit as you, tried'em, liked'em!

Butler Ford
Fried biscuits

If you take the same biscuits and flatten them out about 1/2" thick or thinner if you have the time, and fry, serve with either salt or sugar and that is the lazy persons Indian Fry bread. Very good too.

Roll them pretty flat, fry them, and put refried beans, meat and grated cheese. Top with shredded lettuce, tomatoe slices and salsa to taste. Now that is an Indian taco. Also easy and very good. Use canned refried beans, put into a frying pan with some bacon greese, add ground cummin, origano and some pepper to the mix, heat and they taste pretty good. Sure beats snowballs and pine needles any day.

Take care
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