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You are always wanting stories. Check this one out.

“(3-8) Ebenezer Odiorne, son of John (2-3), born about 1704; died 1746. He belonged to Greenland, once a part of Portsmouth, N.H. He was a mariner by profession; and a log-book of his, bearing the date 1737 shows that he was master of a vessel trading in Europe and the West Indies. About the time of the expedition against Louisburg, while at sea he met and engaged a Spanish privateer; and tradition says, that during the action, as the ships came in contact, the two commanders grappled each other, fell overboard and were lost.”

Originally compiled in 1875 by James Creighton Odiorne (6-100)

Revised in 1966 by David Walter Odiorne (9-102)

NOTE: My maternal grandmother was Addie Odiorne (8-170). She was the daughter of James G. Odiorne (7-196), who was the subject of one of my earlier posts.

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Ebenezer Odiorne - The Mariner Who Didn't C


My ancestors Old John Tidwell and Celia Gravette had migrated across north Georgia to the Cherokee Indian territory in Hall County, Georgia. He was hired by the Cherokees to build and operate a water mill for them. They had 6 daugthers. 3 daughters were married to full-blood Cherokee and 3 daugthers were married mixed blood Cherokee.

His family attracted the attention of state authorities for his Indian association and some rather nasty comments about Old John and Celia were made by Hugh Montgomery(Cherokee agent assigned by President Monroe) concerning the 'abominable' practice of certain white men who gave their daughters in marriage to the Indians and this distasteful and immoral practice of intermarrying between the race had produced a 'motly race that was propagating very fast on the Chattachoochee and it's waters.'

My 4th great-grandmother Sarah was married to John Jackson Langley, who was a mixed blood Cherokee. His father was Oswell Langley and his mother was Chowa-you-cah. The story goes that John Jackson Langley left for Oklahoma and while he was gone Sarah when back to her maiden name and raised my 3rd great-grandfather Francis Marion as a Tidwell. When I started looking for information on Francis Marion Tidwell I didn't know that Tidwell was his mother's maiden name. It wasn't until my next door neighbor Teri and her dad asked me to check on their Langley line that I found about mine. I knew that there was a Langley database own my Adian Langley on the internet so I e-mail him to see if he had any information about Teri's line and he told me that he didn't know about her Langley's but he could tell me all about mine. I e-mail him back and told him I didn't have one and he e-mail back and said yes you do. He send me the information on John Jackson Langley and Sarah Tidwell. Adian had sent my e-mail to another Langley research that was able to help me with Teri's line. Well Teri and I found out that we were distant cousins. Her ancestors Noah Langley was the brother of my ancestor Oswell Langley.

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