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I believe I found the info from brimstonepistoleros on this forum on modifying the ejector to an extractor.
I did the job on my .45-70 today and would make the following observations.
I have no idea what a 5/32 "diameter pin punch has to do with the job, even a 1/8" punch is too big and jambs in the hole, having to be removed with pliers.
I turned down the punch to .120 " and it still jambed.
Finally used a 7/64" drill bit upside down to back off the pin, when I removed the bit, the ejector did! about 20 feet across the shop, so forget the "Nothing will fly out" part too.
The modification did work as advertised and the instructions may well apply to older guns, but I have modified a '96 SB2 and a 2004 SB2 and both were the same.
Don :wink:
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