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Electric shift, auto belt drive or old fasioned manual shift

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Ok, what are ya'll riding now, and which type of tranny do you prefer. I really prefer a manual shift on a 4 wheeler, no chance for a wet bel :D t to slip, I can make sure I am in the right gear for the terrain or surface at hand. Auto belt drive is nice too, makes it more fun to ride and not worry about shifting up or down. Electric shift like Honda came out with??? Seems like too much to go wrong to me.
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Electric shift, auto belt drive or old fasi

I got an old ('88 model) Honda Recon 250. It has manual shift and I often find it really tough to get it to go from first to second with my foot. I have one of those shifter extension thingies to bring it up to where I can shift by hand. The slow plodding way I use it that should be great. Now Matt thinks it is a race machine and acts that way when he comes over to visit and heads to the swamp to get in the mud or up back in the woods. I shore wish mine was an auto. I sure didn't notice any problems with the auto on Kevin's Polaris at BHO II. Pretty sure it was an auto. IF it didn't slip in that muck it shouldn't slip in nothing.

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