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By todays standards everyone has a video camera and or a digital camera. Most of which have a rechargable battery. Africa's electrical outlets are different by country and even within the country in some places.

I bring my Motorola radios, my lap top, and my digital camera when I go each year to work there. I built a power converter with standard American sockets for the lodge a few years ago and we have been using it for the American Hunters on a regular basis. By all means make sure you check with your outfitter to see that he has the 110VAC power you need to charge you batteries. Don't bother having your wife pack a blow dryer, or curling iron. They won't work with the 220VAC power nor will they plug into the outlets! Your outfitter should be able to supply these with enough notice.

I know of a place to buy the exact proper converter to do this but it's 3 pounds and will only handle 100 watts. It's great for a laptop or battery charger but will not handle powerful heating elements like you have in a Blow dryer. I can't speak for the other Safari companies but I know we have a power converter to offer the Travelling hunter from the USA.

If your outfitter does not offer this 110VAC power source for you. There is one other option. See if you can get the 12 volt plug that fit's the automobile lighter socket for your device. That way you can charge a battery when your driving in the bush. It's only one battery at a time and then only when the engine is running or the key is turned to the Aux position. It's better then a flat battery though!

Some cameras can use rechargable or Alkaline batteries. It's a good plan to bring a spare set if your works that way. You might also consider an additional rechargable battery too!
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