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This might be a dumb question... But does anyone know if Eley uses the same exact bullet lube on all of their ammo???????????? Or is the lube on the more expensive ammo (red and black box) different?????? I have noticed that the new Eley red does not shoot as good as the older red I have... I bought a case of practice 100 and wow it shoots pretty darn good. Or could it be possible that my barrel does not like the new bullet design.. I used to live real close to Tom Volquartsen and several years ago he re-barreled my rifle. He took 20 rds of eley measured them all took an average and cut the chamber to fit the ammo........ Just thinking of all these different things wondering why the new red doesnt shoot. The reason why I was wondering about the lube was because I was always told to clean with a dry patch or two inbetween different lubes.... The trouble with that is my barrel takes 7-10 rds after doing that to settle down and start grouping again so I surely dont want to do that during a match......
Anyway just was thinking out loud and wanted to pick everyone's brain
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