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[/color] :D Can anyone tell me if they know of a place or business that can make clothing out of hides? I have an elk hide that I want a coat made out of. Or do you know a place I can buy camo "dress" sports coats? Thanks
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I second the request.........

I want a vest made from the Dark ruff of the neck, and slippers from my other hide that I had tanned (not a fur, feels like buckskin) I would really like to know who does it too. I have been thinking about trying it myself, but I dont want to ruin a perfectly good hide.
There is a company that makes motorcycle leathers out of deer hide. Turns out that it has highly superior abrasion resistance. Anyhow, I'm not sure of their name. It may be Langlitz or some other leather company. I suggest you do a Google or other search using motorcycle and leather and key words. Lternatively, you might buy a motorcycle magazine at your local supermarket and look at the advertisements. I suspect that if you can find one of these you can contact them and they would be helpful in locating a suitable company if they don't do it themselves. Another idea might be to ask your taxidermist. There's a fair chance he/she has had this question before and knows the answer. Good luck.

elk hide clothing

Pick up a copy of FUR-FISH-GAME at your favorite magazine stand. There is usually several different companies who advertise their services in this magazine.
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