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Elk hunting lets have your story

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Well I've never hunted Elk, so I'm asking. What's it like?
I understand that ranges can be short, or long depending on where you are. How about some experiences?
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Hi John,

Perhaps it would result in more responses if the question were more specific. Elk hunting is very diverse and difficult to describe "how to" with-in the confines of an online forum. There have been many books written on the subject and most of them leave gaps.

Personally, I have shot elk at ranges from 20 feet to 400+ yards. I have taken elk with a 6mm Remington, my own designed 6X60mm, 6X284, 257 AI, my personally designed 6.5X55 improved, 270's and 06's.

As one can most likely guess ,I am not a magnum fan. Once upon a time, in the West, I thought the 300 Weatherby would be the real deal, all around cartridge and so forth. Murdered a bunch of gophers with it and when it came time to hunt real game with it I hot loaded some 150gr Silvertips and took out after a Pronghorn. After spenting several days and not finding a suitable buck I opted to fill the tag with a dry doe. Made a good head shot at 90 yards and blood-shot the hind quarters. Never fired it again.

Have hunted them in the Missouri Breaks (Montana) and above timberline.
Thick blow-downs to the plains, where do I start?

Don't give up this should be a fun topic...........

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Thanks for the interest in my 6.5 X 55 Improved. It would be quite similar to what Ackley would have designed if he had improved it. The shoulder was blown out slightly with a 40 degree angle. Does make a considerable improvement in velocity though. I have the reamer, in fact I'm making up a 6.5 IMP. on a pre-64 70 action currently. If you make one it means custom made dies and they are not cheap!

If you want further input email is:

[email protected]
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