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encore, 15 inch muzzie

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Shot my new muzzle loader barrel for the first time.

Loaded with a speed loader for my rifle, used 95 grns 777 and 300 grn xtp/sabot.

I was quite amuzing. I thought since I shoot my 44 mag one handed...I would try this encore one handed. Damn near dropped the gun!


I am thinking of taking her down a notch or several.

Somewhere around 200 grains, but I want to stick with pyrodex powder or pellets or 777.

Should I be using pistol powder?

Any coments/suggestions?

Thanks :D :oops:
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I bought a new in box 15" Encore 209x50 magnum pistol barrel last year w/ new in box walnut forend.

I installed a Weaver base with Weaver 2x28mm scope with Weaver rings for easy removal for cleaning.  I hope the scope stays zeroed.

I picked up some clearance priced Hodgdon pellets with sabots and 250 grain bullets & CCI 209 primers.

I loaded 2 pellets (100 grains) with the sabot and bullet and produced some nice groups out to 100 yards.  These rifle pellets worked perfect for my testing.

I bought up some bulk clearance rifle pellets and loose rifle powder for next year.  I am trying the 370 grain MAXI-BALL because I have a mold for them, so they are cheaper that the sabot components.

After cleaning my 209x50 barrel the first time, I decided that the E-Z Tip Extractor I bought for it would be removed every time anyway.  There is alot of crude that gets into the channel where the E-Z Tip Extractor rides.  I don't that rust to find it way down there, so no E-Z Tip Extractor for me.

I shoot all my Encore barrels two handed for control and accuracy, 223 Rem, 7mm-08 Rem, 44 Mag, 454 Casull, 45 Colt/410 bore, and 209x50 mag.

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