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Add one more to my list of barrels for sale. I'm selling a 24" S/S heavy barrel. It has the short hanger bar, forend, scope base, 29 pcs of brass that has had the necks turned, and 30 pcs of brass that need to have the necks turned down on them.All of this goes for $450.00 plus shipping.
Still have the
.22LR Barrel w/rimfire attachment-$425.00+ shipping
.375RUM Barrel-$450.00+ shipping
.450 Marlin Barrel$350.00+ shipping

Black synthetic buttstock for an Encore, and a black speckled forend for a block powder barrel. These do not match each other.
Buttstock is $40.00 + shipping
Forend is $30.00 + shipping

Bench rest style wood forend. It has been cutout for the long hanger bar on a VVCG barrel. It has some nice merkings in the wood, no gouges, or scratches.
Forend is $40.00 + shipping.

Pistol Grip stock set. It's in that black ruberized material. Both pieces look fine, and were made by TC.
Set is $35.00 + shipping

Virgin Valley hanger bars. 1 Short Bar blued
Bars are $14.00 each + shipping

11 Scope Bases
1 Blued 6 hole steel VVCG-$35.00 + shipping
1 Blued 4 hole steel VVCG-$35.00 + shipping
1 S/S 4 hole Weaver-$10.00 + shipping
6 S/S 6 hole ALum VVCG-$40.00 + shipping
1 S/S 4 hole steel VVCG-$40.00 + shipping
1 S/S 6 hole steel VVCG-$40.00 + shipping

Two of the bases are still in the package. One of the SS bases shows signs of being mounted. Most of the other bases were mounted, but one cannot tell. These bases are all marked VVCG or VIRGIN VALLEY. All bases are priced + shipping. I will ship as cheaply as possible.

Hope everyone has a peaceful Holiday Season
Thanks for looking.
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