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Encore 308 scope

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I hope to put a quality 2-7x variable from Burris, Leupold, T/C and the like on the 308 I get for my Encore. I've used Nikon and B & L 2x scopes and liked them on Contenders for up to 100M. The greater magnification of the 2-7x variable will help for accurate bullet placement at the longer effective range the 308 gives you. Others have said don't scimp and get the low end stuff because you'll regret it sooner or later: I agree with that philosophy. Quality has a way of speaking for itself.
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Pistol Scope

I'm using a 2-6X28 Bushnell Trophy on my .308 Encore. So far I've been real pleased with it. Good optics for decent price, and it hasn't had any trouble holding up to the .308. The Burris changes eye relief as you change magnification - I didn't think I would like that. The Bushnell changes field of view with a constant eye relief. This means you have a pretty narrow FOV at 6X, but it's better (to me) than having to adjust the distance at which you hold the pistol. The Burris maintains a constant FOV at the expense of ER. That would be the biggest deciding factor for me - do you like ER or FOV?
Pistol Scope

I have two bushnell elite 3200 2x6 power handgun scopes and am very pleased with them. They have a fixed eye relief. Took an eight point at a slow trot at 161 yards this year (25-06 caliber). Hit the engine room with 115 grn nosler ballistic tip, 20 yard recovery.

Many seem to have good luck with the trophy line. I will probably try this on my next enocre barrel.
Pistol Scope

My wife bought me my .308 Encore 3 years ago for a b-day gift and it only took me a couple of months to find a used Burris 3-9x32 with adjustable objective at a gun show for $90
I use it almost exclusively at 3x for hunting at 100 yards or less but have shot steel plates out to 400 yards from the bench with the higher power. It works great for everything I do. I figure that if I can't get within 100 yards of a deer I am doing something wrong.
I also have a Burris 5x on a T/C Contender 44 mag. as well as a Burris 4x on a Browning Buckmark target pistol and a Burris 2-7x on a 10 inch contender .22 barrel
The only things I wish for in the scopes now are lighted reticles for those low-light conditions and a way for me to beat the wife's scores at the range.
Pistol Scope


I use a Burris 2-7X on my Encore barrels and Nikon 2X on my Contender barrels.


according how much you want to spend. $150 range,the 2x6 bushnell trophy looks good to me. $300 range the burris 2x7 or 3x12 is fantastic. i got 3 3x12 burris and one 2x burris. the .308 deserves one of these. the 2x7 will give a bigger field of view on 2x than the 3x12 will on 3x. 12x is a little critical on eye relief but with a little extra practice you can use it for tight groups. 8) :grin:

I have a T\C 2x7 scope on my encore .308 barrel. This setup will shoot MOA out to 300 yds for me. It came on my barrel as the Hunter Package and will live there forever. :grin:
Pistol Scope

Bushnell Trophy or Elite
Pistol Scope

On a hunting hand gun I like low power and long eye relief with a large FOV .
My bushenell elite 2x6 is great but the FOV is small ,I think 11 on feet on 2x at 100 yards ,My thompson 3x has a good feild of veiw but I am not sure how big . You will have a bigger FOV on fixed low power scope and decent eye relief.
Pistol Scope

i hunt both open and brush country with my tc7x30 and 44mag, both have fixed 4x tascos, of all things, and give me every thing i need. tasco is no more but the point is that the 4x has been fine for a shot as close as 15yds to my furthest of 118.
Choice of scope

Ken, Welcome to the world of "handgun hunting." :D If you practice diligently, you'll be very pleased w/ the decisions you've made. There's a lot to consider in selecting a scope. I have many different scopes on my Contenders/Encore, including 3X, 2-7X, 2.5-8X, 3-9X, 10X and 3-12X. DesertRam is correct in that w/ handgun scopes you end up deciding which is more important--field of view or eye relief. For the type of hunting I do (deer in woods), I've decided that FOV is more important. Consequently, most of my deer hunting Contender barrels have a Burris 2-7X scope on top. Guns that find more use on power lines and right of ways frequently have a 3-9X or even 3-12X on them. I find a generous FOV also very critical for the beginning handgun hunter. The Leupold 2.5-8X is a very nice scope, but it's fov is not as wide as the aforementioned Burris. The 2X has a very wide fov at 100 yards (about 20 feet or so) yet offers plenty of magnification for shots to 200-250 yards. If possible, I'd try to compare the Bushnell w/ a Burris to see what your personal preference is regarding changing eye relief vs. wide fov.

On a sidenote, I live in NW LA. My daughter's a SR in high school and hopes to interview soon at Louisiana College in Pineville. Can you refer me to any good gun shops in the area if I find I need to pass some time while she's interviewing? :roll:

Good luck and good hunting. Gary T.
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