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encore for hunting

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:sniper: Hey guys If I was going to buy an Encore and only get one Barrel for varmint and deerout to 200 yards what would you buy if you were buying for yourself.I have never hade a Encore so input is needed here.I have contenders but no Encores

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My vote for a factory barrel is the .260 Remington.. Factory .243 barrels, of which I have one, are 1 in 10 twist, which at pistol velocities is too slow to stabilize heavier 100 gr bullets. If you want to stick to 85 gr bullets the .243 is a good choice.

The 1 in 8 twist for the .260 Remington does a better job (for me anyway) of stabilizing the 120 gr bullets for deer size game. I shot 3 deer this year with the .260 and was satisfied. I chose to shoot for the rib cage and leave the shoulders in tact for eating, so they did not "drop in their tracks" so to speak.

Good Luck, Rol
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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