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I am looking at both of these guns in 22-250 for use on groundhogs and target shooting. I was wondering how the encore with a 26" heavy barrel compares to the savage BVSS. Thanks for your opinions.

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Well it's a no-brainer that to buy a gun for targets & Groundhogs, accuracy
must be the main concern. And based on that, I would buy the Savage
BVSS. The Savage is much more predictable in this regard as it would be
a rare BVSS that doesn't shoot! Some Encores are extremely accurate
but you have more of a chance that it won't shoot than with the Savage!
I have an Encore .50cal that I am going to send back to TC because it
will not group as it should.

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Buy the Savage!

I have an Encore, in a Stainless/Composite Pistol version, in
.308 Win. It came out of the box spraying bullets. I shot a
bunch of test loads, trying to find something that would
even approach "Minute of Deer". I finally contacted T/C, and
asked what they tested their guns with, and went out an bought
that factory ammo(I hate buying factory ammo!). It sprayed, too.
So it went back to T/C, and they recrowned it. Now it shoots in
the 1.5 MOA range, with hand loads. In contrast, my Savage Striker,
in .308 Win., came out of the box shooting factory duplicated
loads 1 MOA, and shoots it's pet handload sub MOA. I got the
Encore, so I could buy different barrels, but after looking at the
cost of aftermarket barrels, versus buying aftermarket barrels,
for the Savage, and just screwing them on, I have lost interest
in the Encore. All of this aftermaket frame work, and over sized pins
thing, to get Encores to be accurate is nonsense. The first person
with a decent offer, can take my Encore home with them.
My Savages are staying put.

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