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Enough Gun

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I want to try pig hunting pig with a hand gun , I have 2 possible guns . first is a 357. maximum contender - 170 grain bullet at 1800fps or a ruger .45 colt shooting a 260 grain bullet at about 1200 fps. The contender is the more accurate of the two of course . witch is the better choice? I have a good spot were I should be able to keep the shots inside of 75 yards easy.
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Smokin54, I'd a hoped that 54 was for the 454 Casull :-D

Tough question, for me anyways. Reckon I'd go with the 45 Colt, would like it better with a 300 grainer about the same speed or maybeso a couple a hundred fps faster. 75 yards? I'd really like mine inside of 25 yards thank you.

I'd consider the 357 light for the task at hand, don't mean it won't work, just wouldn't have my confidence up :wink:

I agree with Coug.

For Hogs, go with big bullets. I would take the 45 Colt over the 357 any day.

But then again, if you are serious about handguning for hogs, you need to get at least a 44Mag, or preferably a 454 Casull. A 480 would be a happy medium, but for big hogs, its hard to beat a 454 Casull (if you can handle the recoil.)

actually the smokin54 is from my blackpowder shooting, There I can get a 435 grain bullet goin 1500 fps (Then the 54s smokin).I guess I will continue with the encore 30-06 and carry the .45 as my backup.
I use a 357 maximum here, Contender with a 14 inch barrel, no problems out to 150 yards or so.

I don't know the velocity, never bothered to chrono it.

I load the 180 grain Sierra Shilouette bullet, it works great. So far biggest hog is 350 to 400 lbs.


What kind of groups do you get at 50 yards and where do you shoot at the hogs? - The head, behind the shoulder, etc.? How far do they run after you shoot them?

Thats a good question. I have no idea. I used to shoot lots of shilouette with it and the sights are still set for that. I normally shoot smaller one thru the shoulders (150 lbs or less) the bigger ones I try for head shots, in the ear or that area works well or if they are much further than 50 yards I shoot behind the shoulder, because of the large gristle plate that is over the shoulders.

Furthest I have had one run was bout 50 yards or so. Course I have also had them run a ways after shooting them with my 45-70 with a 300 grain bullet. Have also had them drop on the spot and never move even using a 22 long rifle. They are usually pretty tough, but if ya put the shot in the right place, they go down.

Have seen some folks try for a straight on head shot, and seen the bullet do little or no damage on a large hog, think the largest rifle I have seen that did that was a 243 on an old boar that weighed right 475 lbs when they finally got him to the scales. Worst shot ya can take unless you are real close or its a fairly small hog far as I am concerned.

Hope this helps.

Good hunting,
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357 max

357 max should be plenty shot placement is were it's said you could shoot better with the contender so there you go.45 or fiffty wont do you any good if you dont hit him.i hunted hogs all my life in north fla along the river.sometimes with dogs but mostly just difting along or walking the woods.the main gun i used in the thickets was the 30 m1 carbine with a fifteen round clip.hogs were from 50 to 350lbs.never had a problem.killed some with a 357 and 41mag.killed 6 one day while fishing killed them with a 38 police positive all one shot kills except one.never liked a shot gun period for hogs buck shot just dont want penetrate all the the shot goes places i dont want it to.had guys come by my house for my dogs to track hogs or deer shot with much bigger guns and smaller all
were bad hits.conclusion i would'nt feel under gunned in any way around hogs with the 357 far as shot placement ask a bow hunter were they shoot they seem to get all the penetration to kill hogs out of a stick so you should be able to get all the penetration you need out of 1800fps and 170g.. Just my thoughts for now tll they change
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Re: 357 max

Plumbrich said:
357 max should be plenty
Under the right conditions, in the 7th perigree of the sun, and when Venus lines up with Pluto, even LESS could do :wink:

<img src=>

Curious....would you take on this bad boy with a 357 anything?

I flew in Nam with a Captain who carried a M1 in the Huey while I carried an original Model 12 Wichester pump, the one where you held the trigger and as soon as the trombone went forward the gun went off. Krantz near got us killed with that M1. That fool thing wouldn't even slow down a 60 pound ****! Dang near took over the ship. I laid him back in the seat and fired accross his chest as they were comin through his window. He quit usin it after that mission. :grin:

You seem to be getting by with guns to the shy side, and that seems to be working out for you. All hogs are not created equal as I have found out. There are Ferals, and then there are Russians, Russians is what I've always hunted, and those are pretty tough to drop in place. That's not saying the Ferals are push overs. As I've said before, ALL pigs can be hard to kill and dangerous.

I've seen em dropped clean with all sorts of guns. 30-30's, 44 mags in pistol and rifles. I've also seen em walk from -06, 300 Winnie Mags, 338's, 475 Linebaughs, and even a 460 Weatherby with a 500 grain bullet! Just depends.....I do NOT shoot unless I have a high percentage shot so shot placement isn't it in my case.

Ya just never know :wink:

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Gun enough

I do agree with you coug on most of what you say.I do believe the 357max is big enough bigger would be better.the draw back to his 357max would be single shot... Yes russian boars are tougher or just get madder when there dying.we had lots of russian baors. spent lots of money on vets till i got kevlar for my best two catch dogs.I should not have made some of the statments i made earlier as for as 38.I do think some of the differece is the area we hunt.When i hunted fields at first light i used my ole 06 or something similar.with my catch dogs i usally carried a pistol mostly the 41.probably 75% of my hunting was in the thickets and most of that time was on my belly crawling there same trails to thick to stand.there i had my 41 RBH with my carbine.have had them run over me. most shots were at point blank to twenty yards.I have had them run and i have had them drop in there tracks as with any caliber.guess we could also find plenty of men that could tell stories of m1's saving there lives also but that would be moot.think my only point is i had rathr recommed someone a 357 max that shoots accuratly than a 45 that doesnt.yes there are for better cartriges and far better hunters than i but that is not the question.I must add coug that is a very nice boar.Thats my thought's for now but subject to change.
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Re: Gun enough

Plumbrich said:
Thats my thought's for now but subject to change.
I'm cool with that Bro :wink:

And in full agreement that if he can hit with one way better than the other, it should be the choice.

Thing with rooters is you just never know what they'll do next when you whack em :)

How much does bore diameter and bullet weight account for in the killing power of a round ?I know that the FPE does not tell the whole story. In factory ammo the 357 mag gets 831fpe ,41 mag at its best gets 865 fpe ,The 44 mag gets 1040 fpe at its best . with the 357 maximum I can go up to a 220 grain bullet with a velocity of 1500fps and 1100fpe ,would this be a better choice than the 180 at 1700 fps and 1295 fpe ?

444 mag also has plenty of knock down and keep em down power. My personal favorite. This year I tried one with my bow ended in a very hairy
situation. Never got a shot off but was charged. This happened on my way to the stand. To all of you guys and girls be careful.
I just found this site today and it looks to be a good one. Talk with yall later.

Paul "Bunyan"Smith :D :bye:
With respect, why do you want to hunt a boar @ 50/75yrds.???

The real fun in hog hunting is up close & personnal. :^)

Shot placement is key without it, pack a lunch it's going to be a long day. If you take your time it is not all thast hard to get within 25-30 yrds from boar if they are calm, feeding, wind is favorable,etc. Take the biggest handgun you can get 1 good shoot off with and make it count. You can't have enough firepower for Hawgs.

Good luck on your hunt.
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