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Environmental Group Working to Ban Hunting

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A chapter of the Sierra Club of Canada is planning to initiate a movement to ban hunting and trapping in Canada’s wildlife reserves.

According to the Montreal Gazette, the Quebec Group of the Eastern Canada Chapter of the Sierra Club of Canada launched a campaign to denounce Quebec’s wildlife conservation policies and begin a movement to ban hunting and trapping on reserves.

“Well-organized groups of hunters and trappers, with government collaboration, have succeeded in subverting the original purpose of reserves,” said Ray Raymond, chairman of the Quebec Group. “Hunting and trapping are activities that have no basis in conservation and are incompatible with species-conservation objectives.”

Raymond goes on to imply that permitting hunting and trapping will devastate biodiversity on reserves.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Trapping, hunting and fishing are regulated to prevent declines in wildlife populations and deterioration of habitats. According to the Draft Québec Strategy on Biological Diversity 2002-2007, sportsmen will be helpful in monitoring biodiversity. Records showing the number of white-tailed deer and moose taken by hunters will help gauge the condition of these wildlife populations.

Information courtesy of US Sportsmen's Alliance and
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