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You would do better to post this question on my Exotics and Game Ranching Forum.

The folks who post there regularly hunt on such ranches and some even guide on them. I have hunted on some but can't fully answer your inquiry. But then I'm not sure there is a real answer.

Ranches can vary in size from as little as less than 100 acres up to about 600,000 acres. As to varieties of game available almost but not quite everything that is in Africa and some other places is available in some numbers. Dunno about all of the Big Five but for sure some of them can be hunted in TX.

Hunting is quite different here than there. Lodging is far different. Might be a motel in town or on the ranch in a cabin either. Meals might or might not be provided if on the ranch. Hunt length can be from one day to as long as someone wants to hunt. Hunts for an individual animal rather than a bunch are common.

Please ask again on the Exotics Forum. Denvas lives in TX and hunts regularly on many ranches. Tom has guided and still does I think and also hunted many ranches. Many others who hunt them and live in TX are on that forum.

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