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Exotics in Texas....

Hi njirilodge,

There are many exotic species in Texas, particularly African. ie: Eland, Greater Kudu, Nyala, Wildebeest, Gemsbok, Scimitar horned Oryx, Beisa Oryx, Springbok, Thompsons Gazelle, Dama Gazelle, Water Buck, Bontebok, Zebra, Sable, Roan, Giraffe and Bongo just to name a few!
There is an Association called "the Exotic Wildlife Association" based @ Ingram Texas. They represent Ranchers, Guides/Outfitters, Conservationsists and other interested peoples. Their web address is

Yes Lodging and Meals can vary from ranch to ranch and ranches will be found from the basic to the all inclusive... I have visited Sth African Game ranches/reserves and would say that there are similarities in lodging, but I would call it - Africa Texas style! Very enjoyable.....

I am a member of the EWA and can strongly recommend contacting them... The Association members operate by very strong Ethical Standards in regards to hunting. The EWA should be able to assist you with your query!


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