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Had some time this Sat in Payson & played with different combo's in my 5 1/2 ROA's. Used 20-22-24-28 grs of 2f Ele & rnd ball.
28grs-felt wad-rnd ball--OK Just high on paper @ 10yds. 2" group.
24 gr.-felt wad- rnd ball Better group 1 1/2"
22gr- fiber wad- rnd ball Better yet same hole
20gr. fiber wad- rnd ball BEST[/color] same hole cover with a quarter.[/color]
All had lube over the ball, shooting off bench.
The rammer on a ROA isn't long enough to do this so I got the loading gizmo from Brodave. It is the best thing since sliced bread.
Tried the 20gr load at the Payson match on Sun.--went off every time- no recoil- very nice to shoot- still lots of smoke, caps still on nipps- no fragmentation problems.
Will prob use the 24 gr load most of the time cause I like a little more recoil & boom.
Do like them 5 1/2" ROA's.
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