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However dark the day may seem
Or steep the path I plod
I have no fear because I know
I have my faith in God
I know He will not leave me or
Forget me in my need
As long as I believe in Him
With every thought and deed
I may be foolish now and then
And I may lose the way
But He is always at my side
Wherever I may stray
His guiding grace reminds me of
The mercy He has shown
And in my deepest misery
I never feel alone
I know my God is willing to
Forgive my every sin
As long as I have faith and I
Sincerely try to win
-James J. Metcalfs

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:D Hi Mrs.GB you may not get many replies on your posts,that dont mean that we dont read em,I do a lot of times with out loging in.Lp
Saying nothing sometimes says the the most. :D

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This is my way of sharing my love for the Lord with all of you. Over the years I have found a special message in each one of these poems that has touched my life.
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