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Beings that it's the Holiday Season, I'll tell this little story. I wasn't using a Handi, at the time, but it's still worht telling.

Several years ago, back when muzzleloader season in Arkansas ran through Christmas, I was muzzleloading Christmas Eve morning. I was with a couple of friends hunting up in Fulton County, north of Hardy.

I had hunted all morning without any success, and was returning to the truck to head home for a party that night. The time was about noon. Because I was hunting with a group, we were each carrying a small portable radio for communication purposes. I reached the truck and placed my radio up on the side of the truckbed. While I was putting my muzzleloader in it's case, I heard a small voice say, "Hello? ------ Hello? ------ Hello, Hello, Hello?". I picked up my radio and listened for a minute. Then, there it was again, "Hello? ------ Hello? ------ Hello, Hello, Hello?".

Well, I just had to answer. I said, "Hello".

The voice answered, "Hello, who is this?".

I said, "This is Santa Claus".

The voice answered excitedly, "You're coming to my house tonight!"

I said, "That's right. Have you been a good little boy?"

The voice said, "Yes sir, Santa Claus. I sure have!"

I said, "Are you sure? Do I need to ask your mom and dad if you've been good?"

The voice said, "No sir, Santa Claus! I promise, I've been a good boy."

I said, "That's good. You'll find something special under the Christmas Tree tomorrow."

The voice said, "Santa Claus, why are you out there today?".

I said, "Santa Claus is getting in one last morning of deer hunting before going to work tonight."

The voice said, "Santa Claus likes to deer hunt?"

I said, "Yes sir, Santa Claus loves to deer hunt."

The voice said, "I didn't know that."

I said, "You remember that. And remember to always listen to your mom and dad. Be a good little boy. I'll always be watching. Time for me to go, little buddy. Good bye and have a Merry Christmas!"

The voice said, "Good bye, Santa Claus."

And then, I guess the little guy turned his radio off. I've hunted there several times through the years, but have never heard "the voice" again. I hope he had a Merry Christmas.
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