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Favorite general purpose tent!

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There is always a lot of discussion here in AK as to what manufacture makes the best tent. So what does everyone else use in the lower 48.

I have two: A Eureka Timberline and an Eureka Timberlite XT

I bought the Timberline as a canoe camping net and have never been dissatisified with the tent. I even purchased ten of the same tent for the Boy Scout troop and never had any problems with any of the ten. Maybe my only observation would be that if it says 4-person, that usually means 2 people.

The Timberlite I bought for a trip down the Yukon and needed a tent that was small enough to set up inside the boat. It worked well except again as noted, 2-person means one person and a dry dog!

What works for you all.
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:D I use a North Face Expedition 25Lp. :D
In the late 60's GB and I and my parents did alot of camping. We had a 9 by 12 umbrella tent and my parents had a 9 by 18 umbrella tent. They were both bought at Sears.
Daveinthebush>I like the North Face tent.I have had it out in some pretty heavy weather.It had Heavy ice on it up in the UP Michigan were 10" pine trees went down,the tent stood.It's a good four season tent,and easy to heat acouple of candels will take the chill off.Lp.
We use a Walrus (now MSR) Warp 2+2. Has been on several kayak trips in northern Ontario and held up well to rain, snow, hail, and a couple days of 50+ MPH winds. Plenty roomy for4 two of us, and with the vestibules on each end, easy to keep the gear covered. Have had some trouble getting responses from their customer service, but have been very pleased with the durability and ability to stand rough weather.
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