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Favorite Scope?

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I have several scopes made from several manufacturers. The list of manufacturers and models include the following:

Nightforce NXS
5.5x-22x-56mm Illuminated Mil-Dot

Bushnell Elite 4200
2.5x-10x-50mm Illuminated

Leupold Vari-X III
(2 of) 4.5x-14x-50mm Illuminated

Nikon (both Monarch and Pre-Monarch models)
(1) Pre Monarch 3x-9x-40mm
(2 of) Pre Monarch 3.5x-10x-50mm
(1) Monarch 3.5x-10x-50mm

Burris Black Diamond
(1) 3x-12x-50
(1) 4x-16x-50

I love all of my scopes and they are all great, but if I had to pick my FAVORITE, it would have to be my Nikon Pre-Monarch 3.5x-10x-50mm. Why? It has been on more hunts with me than all of my other scopes so far, and it has NEVER let me down. Bullets always go where they are supposed to, and it has never needed to be re-sighted in.

In fact, one year I accidentally dropped my rifle (with this scope) down the side of a hill (almost as steep as a cliff) after I slipped. It fell and tumbled down about 25 feet or so. No, it was not a straight drop. Rather, it fell to the ground when I fell, and it slid down the hill, bouncing off of the ground, rocks, trees, etc. until it finally got caught up in a bush. I was worried that the scope was going to be dented, but, to my surprise, it wasn't it. Then I thought that the zero was for sure going to be off, but again, it wasn't. How do I know? I didn't have a chance to sight in the rifle to make sure it was bull's eye because camp was 2 miles away and I was in the middle of my hunt. Later that evening, a 6 point buck came within 100 yards of me. I usually take neck shots, but, since I was worried about the zero, I aimed in the middle right behind the shoulder. THE BULLET WENT RIGHT WHERE I AIMED. When I got back to camp, I checked in my zero the next morning, and it was PERFECT!! WOW!!

I also went on to shoot my very first (and several) wild hogs with it, in addition to several deer.

As such, although I give VERY high praise to the Bushnell Elite 4200 as one of the best out there (and for the record, I DO believe that the Bushnell Elite 4200 is better than the Nikon Monarchs), my favorite, for personal reasons, is my Nikon Pre-Monarch 3.5x-10x-50mm.

What is your favorite scope and why?

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Tasco World Class Plus 3.5x10x50 on a 7 Mag Browning A-Bolt.WHY? My wife and two sons gave it to me for My birthday. It was my first scope and high power rifle. I've got many that cost a lot more now but it's the most valuable.
I'd have to pick my leupold 2.5x8 VXIII on my fiberglass stocked Winchester FW. I bought the scope used from a friend years ago. I has taken two hard falls off my truck. Once off the top of the truck along with the rest I had it on, and once off the tailgate after I stupidly tried to pull the truck foward without moving the gun first. Guns and bedliners of moving trucks dont mix well. The first fall put a scratch on top of the objective bell. After each fall the sight setting never moved.

well I guess I am old fashoned Im partial to the older redfield and weavers I have a old redfield that I droped on the bell and bent the heck out of it thought I ruined the scope on a older ruger 77 7x57 didnt change the zero 1 click and the scope is still on the rifle as a reminder to me to be more careful and how strong the old denver scopes were. Over the years I have had lots of good luck with those two brands others have done a good job but for the money you pay for the weavers and redfields the older one was a good product for the price. :D JIM
Dunno if it would be honest or accurate to say I have "A" favorite scope. I have a LOT of them and use them on different types or handguns and rifles for a lot of different purposes and what works best for one type gun and/or purpose isn't the best for another.

So instead of what is my ONE favorite here are several that are among my favorites for different chores they do.

Burris 2-7 Handgun Scope. I really consider this one the best of the handgun scopes for hunting handguns for the WAY I use them which is mostly in thick wooded areas.

Burris 3-12 Handgun Scope. There just is no competition for this one for use on the target range for load developement or long range target or varmint work.

Bushnell Elite 4200 1.5-6. That has got to be the best close range thick brush scope I've run across. Good wide FOV, very bright optics, solid and reliable. On thing I see wrong with it is Mrs. GB seems to think it belongs to her and it is on her Rem. Md. 7 in 7-08.

Leupold Vari-X III 2.5-8. This really is a super all round scope for use on a general purpose big game rifle. Mine sits on my Rem. 700 LSS Mtn. Rifle in .30-06. It is small and light enough to not get in the way, bright enough to do for low light work, rugged and dependable. A fine choice for a big game scope to use everywhere.

Bushnell Elite 3200 2-7. I got this one because Mrs. GB got the Elite 4200 1.5-6 to use on a night hunt for hogs in TX and won't give it up. It is on my Rem. 700 LSS Mtn. Rifle in 7-08 and like the Leupold 2.5-8 above it does it all well. Bright clean optics that might be superior to the Leupold and are certainly equal. Rugged and small and light enough to not get in the way. It too will do for a general purpose big game rifle for all places and times. Just a super scope.

Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24. Mine has the Mil Dot reticle. This one is the best long range target/varmint scope I've owned. Bright and clear with very precise adjustments. Big and heavy as are all in this class it is as good as it gets for the purpose.

That really only scratches the surface of the scopes I own and use and there are many others I am ver fond of but these are to me the cream of the crop for what I use them for. In each case I can say with confidence that if I needed another to fill the gap this would again be the one I'd chose.

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