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Well, I finally got a chance to report on my boar hunt and the SRH 454. We had great weather over the weekend. Very warm and just enough snow left in the woods to make blood trailing easy.
The 454 was loaded up with 300gr Swift A-Frame bullets and would easily put every round in a 6" bullseye when shot off-hand @ 50yds. I was very confident in the load and decided to not bring the rifle afield.
I did not even see an animal for about 2 hours but eventually located a small group of large russian boars that were 300-350lbs. (boars that were less than 300lbs. were hunted in a different area) The boars were very skittish and moved every time I got near them. I finally got within range and fired one shot from 43 yards.
An immediate red circle was visible just behind the shoulder as the boar ran. Walking over to where the boar was hit, I could see a blood pattern that sprayed 12 feet out past the opposite side of the boar. :eek: A 2.5 foot wide blood trail ended about 40 yards away with ol' my piggy laying there dead as a macrel.
Exit hole was only slightly larger than the entry hole and very little meat was lost. Bullet traveled through both lungs above the heart but still resulted in quick incapacitation and death.
So far I like the SRH 454 even though the trigger is creepy and heavy. I'll have that taken care of soon. :)
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