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Hi All,

Well it's been a few weeks now but this afternoon I picked up the 12 bore Auto Five from the Gunshop, you see it had to be restricted so that the magazine can only hold two cartridges so I can hold it on my Shotgun certificate rather than on the more restrictive Firearms certificate.

When I agreed to buy it I didn't realise it only had a 24 1/2" barrel and have not checked what choke it is as yet, will do that tomorrow when I try her out in the back field ;), not that I see a shorter barrel as a problem we will just see how I get on with it. Now the gun has not been particularlly well looked after and both sides of the action has discolouration to the bluing due to poor storage, lack and care and slight rusting. So consideration will have to be given to repairing that damage at a later date as there is no way that I want any restoration carried out that will degrade the markings. A careful line will have to be walked.

Oh the gun is a Belgian made Auto made in 1954 and has the nice rounded pistol grip which I happen to be rather partial too, 2 3/4" chamber, raised vent rib and quite nice wood that requires a little cleaning.
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