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First Deer with Encore

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I Have owned an Encore in 308 Cal now for about 4 weeks. I went deer hunting this weekend and took my first deer with a pistol. The shot was about 90 yards and the deer travled about 10 feet, It was great, I am hooked now.
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That's great, I just got an '06 Encore I can't wait to tag something with it.
good job and congratulations. practice heavily and be ready for next season. forget the rifle, handguns are much more fun. my 7-08 and 6mmbr both took a deer this year. :D
I just bought an '08 myslef and was very impressed with the accuracy. I have rifles that cant' shoot with it! I can't wait to hunt with it this fall. I'll be trying for my first deer with a pistol as well. Good luck everyone!
Congrads! I wish I could be hunting with mine right now but that isn't until end of November around here.
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