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I just completed putting together my G2 Contender. Here are some of the differences that I noticed right away between the two. I read where people say they would not have a G2 and I really wanted one to go with my Contender Super 14 MGM 22lr. So I purchased this off of GunBroker. Frame only.

I had an extra TC Match Barrel 22lr 10" that came from my Contender ( I put the Super 14 MGM Match barrel on that one) I ordered a stock set from Haus of Arms, Set a Burris 3x7-32 Pistol scope on top of her. Put a pretty nice adjustable BiPod on her.

First thing is the trigger, yes my Contender trigger is awesome and can not be beat. But this G2 surprised me. I really can barely tell a difference. Maybe just a tiny bit stiffer but not by much.

LOP, is a little longer on the G2, my smaller hands have a hard time reaching the trigger as easy as I do on my Contender.

Biggest thing is that this G2 can be re-cocked without opening the action. That is great if you ever have a Misfire with the G2, which I have not as of yet. Can't say that for the Contender.

Opening is smooth and very easy on the G2. Makes you smile. The Contender is not near as easy to open, even with mine that is the easy open style Contender.

Took the G2 out this morning and at 25 yards it will make one ragged hole. I have not been able to do that with the MGM Super 14 Match Grade Barrel. Not even close.

I Love my G1 Contender but this G2 performance wise is top notch.

The Blueing on the Contender is beautiful. The Blueing on the G2 frame is more of a Parkerizing style. But it is what it is.

I Love my G2 Contender especially if I get that 14" barrel to shoot better. But performance wise, this G2 wins hands down.


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Nice looking squirrel rig....:)

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