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Flap Holsters

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I've always been partial to flap holsters. Years ago they were common, but in recent years seemed to disappear. Also partial to a old Ruger Bearcat to pack when hiking, birs hunting or whatever, hard to find a decent holster. Someone from this site gave me the name of an out fit called Timely Accessories. I just received a leather flap holster from them. First let me say it is excellent. The materials and workmanship is great. If you are looking for a great holster and a good guy to deal with try: Mike Keenan at:[email protected] To view thier products go to I think you will be pleased with the service and product.
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I have a very nice holster made by Murray Leather for my .475 FA.
Great thread, I'm looking for a comfortable holster myself for my 7 1/2 Colt SAA to take hunting. I was thinking a cross draw with a flap to protect if from the elements. Do you guys find a cross draw to be practical when hunting?

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I did get one for my Bearcat from Mike Keenan, Tucson, Az. I really like it and the quality is great. I believe it was about $79.
I have a Tom Threeperson crossdraw from El Paso saddlery for my 7.5'' Ruger .45. Crossdraw holsters are comfortable when riding... car, truck, 4-wheeler, and you can draw your gun just as fast as strong side with practice.
There may be a better holster maker than El Paso but, they will be very hard to fine. The only constructive criticism I have is that it takes awhile to get your holster, about 4 to 6 weeks, (I got mine in 5 weeks this last time), because they make their holsters to order.
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