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Here's the wife's favorite spots, and a tip for each.

Little Red River, Greers Ferry, Arkansas:
Camping below the dam site with RV slots with water and electric are well as tent areas for those hardcore ground sleepers! Favorite spots: Right at the dam site, and also Libby Shoals! You'll need to bring floating line and Olive Wolly Buggers, both beaded and non-beaded. Don't forget the sowbugs in sizes 10-14!!!

Spring River, near Mammoth Springs, Arkansas:
We normally stay at Riverside Campground(it is seasonal, so goggle and call first), RV slots with electric and water...tent camping is also available. Favorite spot? About 100yards down stream from the campground there is a big hole(diameter), and the fish live in it! You'll need to leave the floating line at stay down deep and attack Olive Wolly Buggers(beaded)!

White River...just below the dam! Nightcrawlers at night equals big browns!
Norfolk River...haven't fished this one yet....

Scott (please share) B
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