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Food for Mule Deer?

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Does any one know where I can get information on a good food for mule deer? I didn’t know if Bio-Logic was the same for all deer. I would like to plat 10-15 acres. Do you have to replant every year, are there seasonal varieties, how much maintenance, and mostly does it really help? Thanks, Dave.
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food plots for deer

DAVID I have used the bio-logic on several of the food plots on our farm here in ar. and had good results, however I have also found that I do just as well to just plant food plots of a mixture of peas ,corn, clover, beans, and to fertilize well. take a soil sample to your local county ext,agent and they can tell you what your soil is lacking, that will help you in deciding what type and amount of fertilizer to use. Now after you do all of this work it will not only benifit the deer it will help the other wild game in your area so be prepared to be FORCED to take up some other hunting as well Its kinda like the old saying in that movie where they said BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME, plant it and they will come. Yes once you start its a good idea to keep it up year after year if you expect to see real effects from it, and its great to watch the deer year round. :D JIM
Now I shore ain't no mule deer expert but I think that alfalfa, wheat and oats are more likely what you need out west for them.

food plots

you are right as to what is usually grown around there as to farm crops I was trying to introduce something that would be a good food plot product that could be planted and hunted around, there is lots of the other grown out there and they would be good as well. :D JIM
I am very excited to try something. I killed a very large deer this and would like to do it every year. Thanks, Dave.
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