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Forarm Screws?

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I Going from 10" barrel to 14". I know I need to order a new forarm, but do they come with the extra screw you need? Also the screw for my short forarm is a little beat up. Were can you get a replacement?
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T/C Forearm screws

Frankly hendog, I got tired of "screwing" around with the standard T/C screws, went to my local Sears harware and bought some black, hex-head (Allen head) screws of the proper pitch and length. I don't recall exactly what the size and pitch is. Just take the old screw in to Sears with you if you can't gauge it.

MUCH simpler to use than the shallow-slot T/C screws. :grin:

It appears to be IHMSA legal as well because I got inspected at the Internationals when I registerd to shoot in August and it was fine.

Depending on the forearm type (Pacmayer/composite/wood), you might want to put a flat metal washer between the screw and the forearm itself.
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