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fox ridge barrels

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I looking into getting a 6.5/06 or 6.5/06AI barrel and was wondering should I go with a fox-ridge or a full custom (BB. VVC. SSK). I must say (might just be lucky) that I have never had a factory t/c barrel that I could not get to shoot sub-moa. This even includes a .243 pistol barrel that would group .75. Are the fox-ridge just std t/c barrels with custom chamberings or are they a better quality barrel?
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I am a new owner of a ss 30-06 from fox. I have nothing bad to say; Except my darn bullet holes keep touching at 100 yrds! :-D
I have a couple of Custom shop barrels. Very nice and extreemly accurate. KN
I have one Fox Ridge barrel and it looks and shoots great. I would not pay the extra for a custom shop barrel but I am also one of those that have had a dozen or more factory barrels and never had one that did not shoot good.
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