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fox ridge shop

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This is the custom shop linked to the TC web site. I've checked them out but would like to hear from a third party how their work is with custom barrels.

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What you get is regular barrels, but in different chamberings than current factory barrels and in different available lengths; also higher polish is available and different profiles (somewhat). I've owned a few and have been happy, but some say they get better accuracy with SSK or Bullberry barrels. I've not seen that; they all perform about the same for me, but maybe I'm not such a great shot. If I can get 1/2 - 3/4" at 100 yds I'm happy.

I've got a 26" heavy taper .270 Winchester barrel from Fox Ridge and it will shoot around 1/2"s at 100 yards. I can't shoot any better than that!
I appreciate the comments, but now I'm left with 2 questions. First, what do you mean by different profiles. Second, what are the websites for bullberry and ssk?
Different profiles means different barrel diameters at the muzzle and body taper on the barrel. A sporter or standard profile will yield a lighter barrel than a heavy or varmint profiles.

More TC links on the my web site.
I bought a Fox Ridge barrel in 300 Whisper several months ago. Delivery was 6 weeks, as they told me, and barrel is real nice. I am quite satisfied. Total price was $225 for matte finish, 14 inch (for Contender).

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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