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Fox set ideas

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I scouted some new teritory this morning and came across a boulder. It is 3 ft high and as big around with a few small shelfs/ levels to it. Near the top was a pile of scatt. Fox i believe...looked just like yote scatt, had hair in it, but was only 1/2 as big. I know I could put in a dirt hole near the boulder, or even a scent post....but then I will catch the yotes that are in the area....ANY IDEAS???
Tim B
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I'm with Asa, "in general" and "I don't know what you had in mind with the three foot high boulders...". You haven't given us enough info or your thoughts; I'll give you a couple of "ifs". If you are trapping for cats boulders usually are a good thing. If you are in an area if lots of boulders setting around them can pay off. If you have a set made close to a boulder and you get a fresh snow, e.g., one that drives the prey critters into and under the rocks, the coyotes will often work in close especially if the boulder is a bit over hung so as to leave a patch of bare ground at the base.
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